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Welcome to the CISC Wiki

This wiki is intended to help researchers share knowledge and information about the imaging techniques and projects that are running at CISC. To contribute to this wiki you should click on the Login button at the top or bottom of this page.

A quick-start guide to help you contribute to this wiki is found here.

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Bookings (Calpendo)

This section contains details about booking the CISC resources including the MRI Scanner and Seminar Room.

Scanner Information

This section contains details about the scanner hardware we have available at the CISC.

  • MRI Scanner - general information about the scanner hardware
  • QA Reports - archive for scanner performance reports
  • Projector information: Visual stimuli are projected via a Sony Bright Era 3LCD projector

Your Data and Analysis Facilities

This section includes information about how imaging data is stored and accessed at CISC and what hardware is available to researchers to analyze their data.

  • Leonardo Multimodality workstation

Other Useful IT information

  • IT Problems - add any IT problems you may have to this page

Meetings and Communications

  • QuINAB - quantitative imaging of the normal-appearing brain
  • Imaging Research Meetings - Wednesday lunchtime meetings to discuss planned, ongoing and completed projects AND to seek CISC approval for project applications
  • MRI technique users - if you are looking for advice on a particular analysis technique, this page lists the neuroimaging skills and expertise of CISC members

Guides and Tutorials

Chris's FMRI Course

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